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Financial Therapy

Financial Therapy recognizes that our financial decision making is often influenced by our beliefs around money, our childhood experiences, relationship issues with spouses and family members, and mental health challenges.   In addition, our mental and emotional wellness is impacted by financial factors in our lives.  Financial Therapy is a process that seeks to incorporate these by applying the highest set of competencies in both the financial and therapeutic fields of practice.

  • Annie is one of the first practitioners in the U.S. certified in both financial planning and financial therapy. 

  • Financial Therapy is not a substitute for psychotherapy, and Annie will work collaboratively with and/or refer to mental health professionals when warranted.

Happy Couple

While all clients can benefit from a deeper understanding of their beliefs, strengths, and challenges around money, this is particularly helpful to those who have avoided paying attention to their finances, couples and families who are struggling with financial decisions, or anyone who wishes to achieve a healthier relationship with money.

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